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Lighthouse Uniform Co.
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‘With All Due Respect’
Lighthouse Uniform Company’s LODD Resource Team Program

Welcome to Lighthouse Uniform Company’s LODD Resource Page.  We hope this visit has been motivated by curiosity.  If so, please use it both as an opportunity to reflect on the preparedness of your organization and as a call to plan ahead.  If not, we are ready to help.

Our new program ‘With All Due Respect’ recognizes that there are often items used in conjunction with LODD functions  missing from a fire department’s in-house inventory and has brought together a number of top manufacturing companies, capable and willing to commit to providing those items ‘needed now’.

Listed below are the businesses currently participating.  Click on each company to get to their bio information and pricing.  Everything being offered is accompanied with the promise of getting it there in time.  If you think there are items or companies not represented here that should be, please click here..

Each Company listed has a contact person, and phone number.  That contact person is thoroughly aware of the scope of this program and has committed their company to provide what they’ve listed and to ‘get it there in time’.  Pricing and shipping costs are determined by each company.

Carrot-Top Industries / Flags
American Flags, nylon and cotton. Firefighter Mourning Flags. Firefighter Remembrance Flags, Parade Flags, Poles, shoulder holder straps.

(click here for more info)

CISM Perspectives
Line of Duty Death Notification Cards

(click here for more info)

Custom Display Designs Inc.
Commemorative 'Shadow Boxes'.

(click here for more info)

FD Friendly
Mourning bunting for trucks, bay doors. Black and purple Mourning fans.

(click here for more info)

Lighthouse Uniform Co.
Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform Program, Dress & Honor Guard Uniforms, Cap and Collar pins, Mourning Bands, Dress Gloves.

(click here for more info)

Smith & Warren
Custom badges, insignia, cap devices and commendation bars.

(click here for more info)

While 'With All Due Respect' will grow and change over time, the healing value of sharing never will. If you have an experience or story you would like to share, we invite you to participate.

Open invitation to those willing to share their experience with a LODD.

The Lighthouse Uniform Company, in conjunction with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and a group of Fire Service related manufacturers have come together in a strategic partnership aimed at making sure every firefighter and their family have someone watching out for them and they have the things they need when faced with tragedy.

The missing piece of this effort is the healing component of sharing personal experience.

If you’ve suffered / lived through a fire related tragedy and would like to share that experience or make yourself available to others going through a similar thing, we would love to hear from you.

Please fill out the below questionnaire, we will respond, put you on the ‘willing to help’ list and keep you in ‘the loop’.

The only requirement is to keep your ‘availability status’ current.

Phone #   

Address 2
State         (2 Letter Abbreviation please)

When/what time of day are you available

How you would like to help

Nature of your loss (optional)


Thank you,

Steve Cohen, Pres.
Lighthouse Uniform Company